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Our team of psychologists specialized in workplace health at ifeel have created this work environment survey that you can download for free 

Improve your organizations working environment

A positive work environment improves employee experience, attracts talent and increases employee engagement. All this increases productivity and reduces absence from work.

Would you like to know what the real situation is in your company? Our team of psychologists specialized in workplace health at ifeel have created this survey to assess the working environment in your company.

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What will you get out of this survey?

Anonymous feedback

With this tool, employees can respond anonymously to key questions that management and HR need to know in order to improve the company's performance.

Strategic planning

Nowadays, the work environment is an essential element in the strategic planning of successful companies. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your company's work environment and commit to taking care of your team!

Save time

Download our survey now and find out what employee experience is like in your company. In just a few clicks you can access our professionally produced material and use it easily and immediately with your team.

Boost your employees' psychological well-being

Ifeel has designed an emotional well-being program for companies aimed at improving the psychological well-being of employees and fostering a positive work environment, as part of its strategy to care for human capital and boost productivity.

Join leading companies that have changed their employees’ lives around the world by offering them advanced emotional support!

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